HIFA support

On behalf of HIFA, I would like to thank Spyros Doxiadis Unit for Children for your valuable support in 2023. Thanks to your help we have implemented the first activity in our 3-year Collaboration Plan in official relations with the World Health Organization: a global stakeholder consultation. The results of the survey will inform our work in 2024 to implement further activities described in our Collaboration Plan: https://publicspace.who.int/sites/GEM/official_relations_details.aspx?id=1442 

**HIFA and WHO survey on universal access to reliable healthcare information – Can you imagine a world where every person and every health worker has timely access to the information they need to protect their own health and the health of others? Where every person is protected from misinformation? We invite you to complete this 5-minute global survey, available in 10 languages: www.hifa.org/survey2023. The results of this survey will be made publicly available and will inform next steps by WHO and partners on how to accelerate progress in 2024 and beyond.**

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